Collin County Lawyer

Based in Richardson, Texas, and serving Plano, Dallas, and the surrounding Collin County area our law firm focuses on meeting client needs in a cost effective way.

Law Offices of Paul Vigushin, P.C. handles a variety of legal matters, including subrogation, debt and judgment collection, divorces, child custody, child support and modification actions, bankruptcy law and wills.  The firm strives to resolve legal cases in an expeditious, cost effective manner.  If you are in search of a Plano area attorney who provides quality legal services and treats your case with integrity and professionalism, you have come to the right place.  The firm provides a Collin County attorney serving the Plano, Dallas, Addison, and Richardson metropolitan area.

Areas of Practice:

Paul Vigushin will fight for your rights in order to obtain the best possible outcome for your legal case.  A Collin County lawyer experienced with many aspects of the law and focused on developing strong relationships with his clients, something that many larger law firms cannot offer, Paul Vigushin litigates for any client needing qualified, professional legal representation.

Law Offices of Paul Vigushin | Dallas, TX

Law Offices of Paul Vigushin, P.C.
2201 N. Central Expy., Ste. 115
Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 705-9911 (tel.)
(972) 705-9922 (fax)

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