Paul Vigushin, P.C. is an Addison, TX, area attorney who represents clients in numerous areas of the law. 

Paul Vigushin is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney for Addison, TX, who helps clients work through the difficult bankruptcy process.  With commitment and dedication, Paul Vigushin guides clients along the best possible path for their bankruptcy in Addison.

As a debt collection attorney in Addison, TX, Paul Vigushin represents commercial and individual creditors on cases starting at $5,000, ensuring that his clients receive payment for services rendered.

As an estate planning attorney in Addison, TX, Paul Vigushin, P.C. helps clients establish lasting advanced directives, powers of attorney, medical power of attorney, and living wills that help plan for your future.

If you’re a landlord in Addison, you may need help with the eviction process, which is known in Texas as forcible entry and detainer actions.  This is a legal process that requires the assistance of a skilled, experienced Addison eviction attorney.

Many individuals in Addison require a family law attorney to guide them through the process of divorce and child custody.  Paul Vigushin knows these processes can be stressful on his clients, so he ensures the smoothest possible transitions for family law services.

In order to collect a judgement in Addison, Paul Vigushin follows all the legal guidelines to help you get the money you deserve.

If you’re an insurance company that has paid a suspicious claim in Addison or any other county or city in Texas, we can help you investigate claim.  Don’t make unnecessary payments, contact our Addison, TX, subrogation attorney today.

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