Wednesday, March 09, 2011
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A recent ruling found that the government changes to health care requiring every US citizen to be covered is unconstitutional.  After challenges to the new system by 26 of the 50 states, the judge decided that universal health care exceeds the reach of the government.  However, because the health care system is still law, states must continue to follow it until the case has made its way through the legal system, next making its way to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and likely making its way to the Supreme Court. 

The health care law requires that all Americans purchase health care or face penalties.  Believing this unconstitutional, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson threw out the entire health care law, but lawyers are continuing to fight the case. 

Although the existing mandate does not go into effect until 2014, other aspects of the health care reform law, which has about 450 components, are currently being implemented, including small business tax credits, federal grants, and consumer protection measures.

To date, two judges have ruled the health care reform was legal, while two others have found that it was unconstitutional. 

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